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Tere is a singer whose unique and vibrant spirit makes her music stand out. Today’s world often overlooks the simple joys of traditional music that speaks to the home and the hearth, and Tere aims to correct that.

Tere specializes in music that lifts the spirits and crosses cultural lines. Her bilingual music is ideal for both English and Spanish speakers. She is particularly known for her Christian Spanish music, which transcends all boundaries.

Tere's career has placed a particular emphasis on gospel music and Latin music. These classic genres have been enjoyed by generations of people, and is great for all ages. Tere brings her own sensibility to these traditional styles, creating something truly wonderful.

You can learn more about this singer by contacting her company, Tere Records in Albuquerque, NM.

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  • Excellent Recording Studio
  • Great Music
  • Works in Spanish and in English


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